Examples of import duties on online purchases

Below, there are examples of import duties on some of the most popular products ordered from a country outside the EU with which there is no preferential tariff agreement. Note that the amount of customs duty can differ from the amount below, depending on the material used in the manufacturing of the product.

Product Customs duty %  VAT %
Sunglasses 2,9 24
Car body parts 4,5 24
Car motor parts 2,7 24
Camera body and lenses for a digital system camera

The camera body and one lens duty-free, when the lens is delivered with the camera

  additional lenses 6,7 24
DVD’s (music and film) 3,5 24
Golf equipment 2,7 24
Footwear leather 8, textiles 17 24
Books   duty-free 10
Guitars 3,2, electric guitars 3,7 24
Cosmetics duty-free or 6,5 24
Motorcycle parts 3,7 24
Leather handbags 3 24
Dolls Representing human beings 4,7, others duty-free 24
Doll parts and accessories duty-free 24
Scale models duty free or 4,7 % depending on material 24
Wristwatches 80 cents 24
Line fishing tackle 3 24


Clothes 12 24
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