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Old customs duty calculator

This is the old customs duty calculator, which is in use for the moment. Note that the result given by the customs duty calculator is only indicative. Read more about the limitations of the customs duty calculator.

The new customs duty calculator also provides customs clearance guidance

The new customs duty calculator is a service that you can use for estimating the price of your online purchase. You can also find information about about the different stages of customs clearance, as well as the most important things to note. The service tells you what to do when your goods are delivered from the EU or from outside the EU, when the goods should be cleared through Customs and where you can find information about where your goods are. The customs duty calculator also includes new products, such as food supplements. We will develop the service based on the requests of customers.

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Use calculator to calculate customs duties

The result given by the customs duty calculator is indicative only.
Read more about the restrictions of the service.


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