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After your purchase - Clear your consignment

Posti or the transport company will notify you if you need to declare your online purchase to Customs. Remember that, as a rule, you are responsible for declaring the purchase..

Please note: Change as of 1 July

From 1 July 2021, all parcels arriving from outside the EU must be declared, and VAT has to be paid for them. Read more: Everything must be declared

What is customs clearance?

Customs clearance means that you submit a declaration to Customs for the goods that you have purchased online and pay the import duties and taxes due for them. The import duties and taxes are usually value added tax (VAT) and any customs duty that may be payable.

Your customs clearance options will depend on the value of your goods.

Purchases worth 150 euros or less

If the seller has an IOSS number, you will pay the Finnish VAT when you purchase the goods. Posti or the transport company will usually declare the consignment on your behalf, and no action is required on your part. You don’t need to pay any VAT in conjunction with the customs clearance. However, this does not apply to products that are subject to prohibitions and restrictions, nor to products subject to excise duty (e.g. alcohol products).

What if the transport company doesn’t obtain an IOSS number from the seller?
Read more on the page Everything must be declared.

If the seller doesn’t have an IOSS number, you will usually not be able to pay the Finnish VAT when you purchase the goods. You must see to the customs declaration and payment of VAT yourself. As regards the customs declaration, you can

Purchases over 150 euros

You must see to the customs declaration and payment of VAT yourself. As regards the customs declaration, you can

When can I clear my consignment?

Posti or the transport company will notify you about consignments that need to be declared.

Declare the goods within the time limit

Declare your consignment and pay the import duties and taxes due within the time limit. Otherwise, the carrier will return your parcel back to the sender. Check the time limit in the notification you received from Posti or the transport company.

If a consignment that needs to be declared is delivered directly to your home

If an item you purchased from abroad is delivered directly to your home, but it should have been declared, you must declare it after delivery.

Choose how to clear your goods

Clear goods online – use the import declaration service

The customs import declaration service is free of charge and available 24/7; i.e. always. The service is available in Finnish, Swedish or English. You can also authorise another person to take care of the customs clearance online on your behalf.

Get acquainted with the guides for the Import Declaration Service on Customs’ website, and in the declaration service itself. Frequently asked questions regarding the Import Declaration Service are available on the Customs’ website and in the import declaration service itself.

Logging in

Log in to the declaration service using your online banking IDs, mobile certificate or certificate card.  If you don’t have any of these, you can authorise another person to take care of the customs clearance on your behalf.

If you are a foreign private person who does not have a Finnish personal identity code and you are unable to identify yourself with Finnish identification tokens, you cannot, at the moment, identify yourself using the Finnish Authenticator Service when logging in to the Import Declaration Service for private persons or to the Customs Clearance Service.

Instead, you can authorise another person or an agent to declare the consignment on your behalf. See also Instructions for other service alternatives.


As payment method, choose online banking or card (VISA debit/credit and MasterCard debit/credit) or mobile payment. If you want to use the Siirto service, click the button for Nordea’s online bank. In Nordea’s service, click the Siirto tab and follow the instructions. The customers of Osuuspankki can also use Nordea’s Siirto service.

Postal consignment

A postal consignment will be sent directly to your home or to a pick-up point, once you have cleared it and paid the import duties.

A consignment delivered by another transport company – you may have to deliver a decision on release

The transport company needs the decision on release. You get the decision on release from the Declaration Service. Deliver the decision on release to the transport company as instructed. The transport company then delivers the consignment to you or you can agree on a pick-up point with the transport company.

Other things to note regarding the service

The documents pertaining to the customs clearance transaction must be kept on file for the current year + the following six years. You must submit the documents to Customs when requested to do so. Customs has the right to inspect the goods without you being present.

The due date of a customs invoice provided by Customs is 10 days from the date of the invoice. If the customs invoice is not paid by the due date, Customs will calculate an interest for the invoice after the due date. This interest must also be paid before the goods can be released.

When can the Import declaration service for private persons NOT be used?

For example, live animals, removal goods, investment gold, VAT-free bank notes or goods you transport to Finland yourself cannot be cleared using the service. You can declare consignments that contain such goods in the Customs Clearance Service.

Transactions on someone else’s behalf in the Import Declaration Service

Customs clearance may be carried out in the declaration service also on behalf of another person. You can give permission, i.e. authorise, another person to clear goods on your behalf. This authorisation may be given verbally or in writing.

If you are clearing goods on the behalf of someone else, you are acting on behalf of another person, but you are not solely responsible for the clearance. You are responsible for the customs debt only in situations where you were aware or should have been aware of the incorrectness of information provided in the customs declaration. Otherwise the person, on whose behalf you clearing the goods, is solely responsible for the customs debt and possible post-clearance. (direct representation). Read more on direct representation.

Posti delivers the postal consignment directly to the recipient stated on the consignment. Other transport companies deliver the consignments directly to the recipient specified to the transport company.

This is how you clear goods in the Import declaration service for private persons on behalf of another person

If you are clearing goods on behalf of another person, tick the box ‘I am declaring on behalf of another person’ on the page My details.

On the page My details, fill in the person’s name on whose behalf your declaring. Provide the person’s name and Finnish address. Choose nationality of the person that you represent. Fill in the recipient’s social personal identity code or birth date of a foreign person (

More information:

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Buy the declaration service from Posti or a forwarding company

You can also buy the customs clearance for your consignment. You can authorise Posti or a forwarding company to clear the consignment on your behalf.

  • You can authorise Posti to clear your postal consignment for you. Instructions can be found e.g. in the notice of arrival sent to you by Posti. In the Åland Islands, the clearance of postal consignments is handled by Åland Post. Consult Posti or Åland Post for more information.
  • You can authorise a forwarding company to clear other than postal consignments for you. Consult the transport company for more information.

Posti or the forwarding company needs your personal identity code in addition to the details about the consignment. The company will clear your consignment and pay the import taxes to Customs on your behalf. The company will deliver a file copy of the customs clearance to you.

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Alternative way to clear your consignment

As a rule, private persons’ postal consignments must be cleared electronically or by buying the customs clearance as a service from a representative. Read more about alternative customs clearance of postal consignments.

Consignments transported by another company than Posti can be cleared at any customs office with customer service. The transport company can only release the consignment to you after you have provided them with the release decision for the customs clearance.

Alternative – this is how you clear the consignment at the customs office

  • Bring with you: the notice of arrival, order confirmation/invoice/receipt and your identification and any other documents concerning the consignment.
  • Accepted payment methods are: cash, debit card, Visa, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro and cheque.
  • Check the opening hours of the customs office in advance. Go to contact information.
  • You can also authorise another person to do the customs clearance on your behalf. The authorisation must be in writing.

Check the addresses and the opening hours of the customs offices. Go to contact information.

In certain cases, you can also make an oral customs declaration for a goods consignment at a customs office. 

The easiest way to declare the consignment is through the Import Declaration Service for private persons. You can also ask a representative to submit the declaration on your behalf. In some cases, you can make an oral declaration to Customs at a customs office.

You can make an oral customs declaration for a goods consignment from Monday to Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4.15 p.m if all of the following conditions are met: 

  • the consignment is sent by a private individual to another private individual
  • the consignments are of an occasional nature
  • the goods are intended solely for the personal use of the recipient or his or her family
  • the nature and quantity of the goods is such that they are not imported for a commercial purpose
  • the consignor (sender) does not receive any kind of payment from the consignee (recipient).

Please note that you cannot declare online purchases by oral declaration. It is also not possible to use an oral declaration when declaring goods that are subject to restrictions, such as alcohol, tobacco products, foodstuffs of animal origin, animals or plants. 

If needed, Customs may ask you to fill in customs form 1143e.

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Frequently asked questions

If you don’t know the contents of the consingment, ask the sender.

If for example you have ordered multiple items, the arrival notification from Posti does not necessarily indicate which consignment has arrived. It is also possible that the tracking code of the consignment has changed, and therefore you cannot know what the specific consignment is.

For declaring your consignment, you will need an item tracking ID which can also be the original ID. You will also need to find out what consignment is in question, that is, the contents of the consignment and their value.

Check the order history in your online shop. Very often, the order history shows the price details and item tracking ID for each consignment.

Posti may issue a new tracking ID for the consignment. You can search for information on the consignment with both tracking IDs in the Posti item tracking service. You can also use other tracking services for finding out the location of your consignment and any possible changes in the tracking ID. For example, the weight details and the date of order can be useful in finding out the contents.

If the consignment is a gift, you should ask the sender to provide information on the contents and value.

Customs is not able to find out the contents of consignments. Customs does not store or transport consignments. Instead, consignments are kept in the storage facilities of transport companies.

Any questions?

Contact Customs Information Mon–Fri 8 am–4.15 pm

Please have a look at the frequently asked questions.

If you have a question about the arrival of parcels, its contents or the handling fee, please contact Posti.

Customs Information Service