Ordering goods online

When you purchase goods from an online shop based abroad, your parcel begins a journey during which you may have to declare it and pay import duties. At the end of its journey, your parcel can arrive safely in Finland. 

  1. Before you buy goods from a foreign online shop

    • Check if you need to declare your purchase to Customs. Customs clearance entails the payment of import duties and a declaration to Customs on the type of your goods. For example, all parcels arriving from outside the EU must be declared. Read more: What parcels need to be declared?
    • Use the Customs Duty Calculator for assessing the amount of payable import duties such as VAT and possible customs duties.
    • You should find out if Posti or some other transport company declares your parcel on your behalf, or if you should see to customs clearance yourself. Read the instructions at our Who can declare a parcel? page.
    • Before you purchase goods online, make sure that you know what possible restrictions and prohibitions apply to foreign online purchases.


  2. Declare your parcel

    When your parcel has arrived in Finland, Posti or some other transport company will send you a notice of arrival. The relevant transport company will also tell you if you should declare your parcel. If you do not declare you parcel by the due date, the transport company will return your parcel back to the sender.

    For customs clearance, you will also need the notice of arrival and an order confirmation, a receipt or some other document indicating the goods to be declared and their value. When necessary, you can authorise another person to declare your parcel on your behalf.

    There are different options for customs clearance:

    • You can purchase customs clearance services from Posti or some other transport company.
    • You can declare your parcel yourself in the Import Declaration Service for private persons.
    • In this case, Posti or another transport company may also declare the goods on your behalf. If this is the case, follow the instructions from the transport company.

    If an undeclared parcel is delivered to your home, be sure to declare it afterwards. Read more: Customs clearance of a consignment after delivery.

    Customs does not transport or store parcels. If you have any questions about the notice of arrival, storage, transport or any related service fees, you should always ask Posti or the relevant transport company directly.


  3. After your goods have been declared

    When your parcel has undergone customs clearance and you have paid the required import duties, Posti or the relevant transport company will deliver your parcel. You can keep track of your parcel’s journey with the Posti item tracking service, or with a similar service offered by another transport company.

    Did you not receive your parcel?

    Parcels carried by Posti

    Check if you have paid the Posti handing fee. Your parcel will only begin its journey after the handling fee is paid. If necessary, you can ask Posti about the handling fee and the amount.

    Parcels delivered by other transport companies

    When your customs clearance is complete, Customs will automatically notify most transport companies that the parcel can be delivered to you. However, you should check the notice of arrival to see if the transport company requires a decision on release. 

    If a decision on release is required of you, your parcel will only begin its journey once you have submitted the decision to the transport company. You can obtain your decision on release from the Import Declaration Service for private persons.


  4. Returns

    If you are returning a product you have ordered or if you are sending it for repair or replacement, please read the instructions on the page Returns, repairs, replacement and maintenance.

Mosquito repellents, e.g. mosquito repellent mats, can only be imported to Finland by registered operators. Mosquito repellent refers to a biocidal substance that repels mosquitos. When you obtain repellents, they need to be authorised by the Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes). In other words, there needs to be an authorisation number by Tukes on the packaging of the repellent. 

Private persons can bring in mosquito repellent devices as passenger imports or order them online, as long as mosquito repellent mats without an authorisation number by Tukes are not included.

Learn more about mosquito repellents on the Safety and Chemicals Agency website

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