Moving from Finland to a non-EU country

When you plan to move from Finland, you should find out about the restrictions and declaration procedures of your country of destination. The authorities or the embassy of your country of destination will instruct you. Finnish Customs does not inform customers about the import restrictions and declaration procedures in force in other countries.

Note the following when you are moving to a location outside the customs and tax territory of the EU, or inside the customs territory and outside the tax territory, for example the Canary Islands:

  • Lodge an export declaration on your goods with Customs.
  • If you are planning to move back to Finland at a later date, obtain an account on the export of the goods (certification of exit).
  • You can lodge the export declaration free of charge using our Export Declaration Service.
  • Make a general list of your goods for the export declaration, for example “20 kg of clothes, 1 bed, dishes and books”.

Points to consider

Codes for completing your export declaration:

  • Commodity code 9905 00 00. If an export permit is required for an item in your removal goods, it must declared as a separate consignment and commodity code.
  • The goods description is removal goods
  • Additional document = 2270 Loading list.
  • Value-related additional document = for example N325 Proforma invoice.
  • National procedure code = 7VN Removal goods and luggage.
  • Transaction code = 99 Other (not specified).

In the information fields on consignment quantity, value and packaging, you should declare all goods in the cargo, even though the commodity code is a single code and the goods are described as removal goods.

Any questions?

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