Import restrictions

Some goods are subject to import restrictions and import prohibitions, and the import of restricted goods often requires a licence, even when importing from within the EU. These goods include:

  • Medicines
  • Live animals and animal-based foodstuffs
  • Plants and fresh vegetables, fruits and berries
  • Pleasure craft, personal watercraft and outboard engines
  • Endangered animals and plants and goods made out of them 
  • Firearms and ammunition

A licence must be acquired prior to the goods arriving in Finland. Restrictions can be found in the Customs restrictions manual (only available in Finnish).

Do I need a licence for my removal goods? 

Find out in advance about the possible need for a licence by contacting the right licensing authority. Contact information for the different licensing authorities can be found under the heading Read more. Finnish Customs is an enforcement authority and does not grant import licences, nor does it check the need for a licence. The Regulation on reliefs from customs duty does not grant exemption from import restrictions.

  • Get the licence you need in advance by contacting the right licensing authority.
  • Present the licence when clearing your goods through Customs.
  • Customs does not issue import licences.

Read more

  • More information on personal import of medicines from Fimea.
  • Questions on importing animals are answered by Finnish Food Authority.
  • More information on importing plants and foodstuffs of animal origin is provided by Finnish Food Authority.
  • More information on import of derivative products of endangered animals and plants can be obtained from The Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.
  • More information on importing pleasure craft, personal watercraft and outboard engines is provided by Traficom.
  • The licensing authority regarding firearms and firearm supplies is the Police.
  • Customs restrictions manual (only available in Finnish)

Any questions?

Contact Customs Information Mon–Fri 8 am–4.15 pm

Please have a look at the frequently asked questions.

If you have a question about the arrival of parcels, its contents or the handling fee, please contact Posti.

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