Weapons among removal goods

Firearms, firearm components, cartridges and gas sprays

As regards firearms, firearm components subject to licence, gas sprays and cartridges, for example their

  • import from outside the EU
  • movement from one EU country to another

is restricted and requires a permit or licence. Customs is an enforcement authority and does not grant any licences accordant with the Finnish Firearms Act, nor define the circumstances where licences are required.

  • Check with the Police what permits or licences you need in Finland in order to bring firearms, firearm components that require a permit, gas sprays and cartridges into Finland. Note that the police and the National Police Board only grant permits that are required in Finland.
  • Check the licence policy and declaration procedures with the authorities or the embassy of your country of departure.
  • Read the Customs restrictions manual (only available in Finnish) to find out in what situations you have to present the weapons or restricted goods, as well as the permit certificates, to Customs.
  • You can contact your transport company for details concerning the transport of weapons.

Points to consider

A deactivated firearm is a weapon that is rendered permanently inactive. Guidance on imports of deactivated firearms can be found in the Customs restrictions manual (only in Finnish) under Ampuma-aseet, aseen osat, patruunat ja erityisen vaaralliset ammukset (Firearms, firearm components, cartridges and specially dangerous projectiles).