When a transport company carries the goods

When you’re sending goods outside the EU and the goods are carried by a transport company, you must submit an export declaration to Customs before exporting the goods.

You can lodge the export declaration yourself or authorise for example a forwarding company to lodge it on your behalf.

How to lodge the export declaration when you do it yourself

  • You can lodge the export declaration free of charge using our Export Declaration Service.
  • Log into the service using your online banking IDs or mobile certificate.
  • Select the appropriate declaration and use the correct codes.
  • Print out the Export Accompanying Document (EAD).
  • Submit the EAD to the transport company, since the EAD must accompany the goods.

What information do I need for the export clearance?

  • A document showing the value of the goods, for example the invoice or a proforma invoice.
  • The commodity code of the product. You can search for the code using our commodity code search.

Any questions?

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