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Yes, you can use the credit feature or the debit feature of your card (VISA debit/credit and MasterCard debit/credit).

Please note that the amount to be paid in the Import Declaration Service for private persons service must be at least 0.65 euros.

You can apply for repayment of the duties and taxes if, for example, you have sent the goods back to the seller outside the EU. 

Write a free-form claim for a revised decision and send it with the relevant enclosures to kirjaamo(at)

How to submit a claim for a revised decision

Postal consignments can be cleared free of charge via Import Declaration Service for private persons.

The Import Declaration Service works best with the latest versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari.

You will receive a notice of arrival of a consignment to be cleared from Posti or the transport company only regarding consignments that you have to declare to Customs. You have to pay the import duties and taxes that may be due before Posti or the transport company can deliver the consignment.

It is possible that the seller’s service does not cover Finland. Please contact the seller to clear up the matter.


Check with Posti to find out at what stage of the transport the parcel was lost.

  1. If your parcel was lost during transportation after customs clearance in Finland, the import taxes will not be refunded by Customs; you should claim damages from Posti.
  2. If Posti has returned the parcel to the sender, you can apply for revision, for example with a free-form claim.

Ask Posti to give you a verification on the return of the parcel to the sender or print out the return verification yourself from the tracking service on Posti’s website.

Read more about how to make a claim

The transport company will only send a notice of arrival for a consignment that needs to be cleared through Customs.

Always declare the actual country of consignment.

The standard VAT rate for imported goods is 24 percent. Exceptions to this are, for example, foodstuffs (14%), books (10%) and periodicals that have standing subscriptions for at least one month (10%). If you declare a reduced VAT rate, Customs checks if the prerequisites have been met.

Contact the transport company to find out if your consignment has already been sent back to the sender (consignor). If your consignment has not been sent back, contact Customs to find out the amount of interest on arrears due, tel. 0295 5206, Mondays to Fridays 8.00–18.00.

Before you can get your consignment delivered to you, you must also pay the interest on arrears. Please note that you cannot pay an invoice in the declaration service if its due date has passed. Pay for the clearance in your online bank the same day that you find out the amount of interest on arrears. Keep in mind that it can take 2–3 days for the payment to reach Customs.

What you should do when the notice of arrival was sent by Posti:

When you receive a notice of arrival of the subsequent delivery, call Customs on 0295 5206. Before calling, ensure that you have all the necessary details and documents on hand:

  • Reference number (MRN)

  • order confirmation or invoice

  • arrival ID for a subsequent postal consignment. 

It is always Posti or the transport company that will send you a notice of arrival or notify you of the arrival of a consignment that needs to be cleared through customs.

Customs does not send separate customs invoices. Pay for the clearance when clearing your goods in the Import Declaration Service.


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If you have a question about the arrival of parcels, its contents or the handling fee, please contact Posti.

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