Import Declaration for private persons

Consignments cannot be cleared through Customs in advance.

You can clear a postal consignment once you’ve received the notice of arrival. The notice of arrival can also be sent in electronic format.

The postal consignment can be declared once the following text is displayed in Posti’s item tracking service: “Delivery awaits for your customs declaration. Please handle the customs declaration within 20 days from arrival.”


Yes, you can use the credit feature or the debit feature of your card (VISA debit/credit and MasterCard debit/credit).

Please note that the minimum payment amount in the Import Declaration Service is 0.65 euros.

You can visit a customs office that handles postal clearances or you can commission a forwarding company to handle the consignment. The import forwarding of postal consignments is handled by Posti.

You can apply for repayment of the import duties and taxes if, for example, you have sent the goods back to the seller outside the EU or if the value of the goods was incorrectly declared.

Send the free-form application for a revised decision to the Customs registry office by email to kirjaamo(at), or by post to Finnish Customs, Applications for a revised import decision, P.O. Box 512, 00100 Helsinki.

Enter all required information in the application for a revised decision and attach copies of all documents.  


Ask the sender for an order confirmation, an invoice or some other credible proof of the value of the goods. Please note! A bank statement or bank receipt is not sufficient proof of the value of the goods.

Postal consignments can be cleared free of charge via Customs’ Import Declaration Service.

A customs declaration is not required for such a consignment if it contains a gift not worth more than 45 euros sent by a private individual. However, for your postal package to be released, you must send Customs the following documentation:  

  • order confirmation or an account of the gift and its value
  • arrival ID of the consignment and your contact details.

You can send the information by e-mail to lentoposti(at) You can get more information on the Customs website or by calling the e-services telephone service, tel. +358 295 5206.

Alternatively, you can clear your consignment using the Import Declaration Service.

You can clear it in our import declaration service. The most convenient way to clear it is through online clearance: Customs clearance of a postal parcel after delivery.

If the customs clearance was done on your behalf, ask your representative for the decision. If you declared the goods yourself in the Import Declaration Service for private persons, your declarations from the last 90 days are available for you at the service. Log in to the service and view your declarations via the box “My declarations”.

As a private person, you are responsible for keeping a file of the customs clearance documents for the current year and for 3 additional years following the customs clearance. Customs may ask you to show these documents.

Note that a private person is not required to enclose the customs clearance decision with an application for revision. 

If you don’t wish to receive the postal consignment, you should not clear it. If the postal consignment is not cleared within 20 days, the consignment will be returned to the sender. In the case of ordered goods, inform the seller that you have cancelled your purchase.

Before the expiration of the storage time you may notify Posti that you refuse to receive the consignment, and that you wish for it to be returned to the sender. Phone or send an email to Posti’s customer service at huolinta(at), and tell them about the situation. Write in the header; ‘I don’t wish to receive my incoming order.’

Check with the post office in which stage of the transport the parcel was lost.

1. If your parcel was lost during transportation after customs clearance in Finland, the import taxes will not be refunded by Customs; you should claim damages from Posti.

2. If Posti has returned the parcel to the sender, you may apply for correction with a free-form application or with Customs’ form 643 (pdf, in Finnish)

Ask Posti to give you a verification on the return of the parcel to the sender or print out the return verification yourself from the tracking service on Posti´s website. More information on submitting appeals.

A postal consignment with a notice of arrival sent by Posti

When you receive a notice of arrival of the subsequent delivery, call Customs on 0295 5206. Before calling, ensure that you have all the necessary details and documents on hand:

  • customs clearance number
  • order confirmation or invoice
  • arrival ID for a subsequent postal consignment. 

Goods that arrive from outside of the customs and fiscal territory of the EU, or from the EU’s customs territory but from outside of its fiscal territory, are usually to be cleared through Customs. As a consignee, you always have to clear any gift worth over 45 euros, since it is subject to tax. Read more about other gift consignments that need to be cleared through Customs. Even if the consignment is a gift, you must provide a receipt, invoice or other credible proof for the customs clearance, so that the value of the gift can be confirmed. 

Read more about clearing gifts through Customs.

The freight carrier only sends a notice of arrival for a consignment that needs to be cleared through Customs. On the arrival notice, the arrival ID for the postal consignment may end in an EU country code, even though the consignment originally was dispatched outside the EU.

Always declare the actual country of consignment.

For declaring your gift, you need the following:

  • arrival notification from the transport company
  • information on the gift and its value, for example, a free-form account on the value or a receipt on the goods. (If necessary, ask the sender for the account in advance.)
  • Customs may also wish to see other documents.


The weight is usually declared with the notice of arrival. The Weight is mandatory information in customs declarations. If you don’t know or cannot find out the weight of your consignment, provide an estimate.

Ask the sender for an account of the content and value of the gift consignment.

Read more: Clearing gifts through Customs

Before you receive the postal parcel, you must pay the interest due for late payment. You can find out the sum of the interests by calling Customs’ Declaration Support, private customers, tel. +358 (0)295 5206.

For the sake of clarity, clear the whole consignment when every part of the split consignment has arrived. Up to five arrival IDs may be included in one customs declaration. However, the postal consignment has to be cleared and the taxes have to be paid within 20 days.

Posti will automatically return consignments that have not been cleared and paid for within the time limit.

You cannot use the Import Declaration Service if you do not have an online banking ID, a certificate card or a mobile certificate.

Examples of items that cannot be cleared via the Import Declaration Service

  • removal goods
  • weapons
  • hunting trophies
  • live animals.

Read about our other service channels.

It is always Posti or the express transport company that will send you a notice of arrival or notify you of the arrival of a consignment that needs to be cleared through customs. You will need the information you have received if you clear the consignment yourself. Please contact Posti or the express transport company if you have any questions about the notice of arrival.

Call Customs’ Online Declaration Support, private customers, tel. +358 (0)295 5206, and state that you do not wish to receive the goods. Customs withdraws the unpaid customs clearance decision and notifies Posti that you wish to return the consignment.

Customs does not send separate customs invoices. The customs clearance decision is also the customs invoice, which you can pay when you are clearing the consignment in the Import Declaration Service.


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