Car tax – the Tax Administration is responsible for car taxation and for providing related information

From 1 January 2017, the car taxation was transferred from Customs to the Tax Administration. Instructions and services regarding the car tax are available at If you have questions about the car tax contact the Tax Administration – Car Taxation.

Removal of a transfer restriction, i.e. time limit, is also applied for from the Tax Administration

If a transfer restriction, i.e. a time limit, has been placed on a vehicle imported as removal goods, you can apply for a removal of the time limit from the Tax Administration. 

When do I need to see Customs?

1. If you import a car or some other vehicle as removal goods from outside the EU

Clear your vehicle through Customs as removal goods when you enter the country. Customs confirms with a customs clearance decision that your vehicle is exempt from customs duty and value added tax if the requirements for removal goods are met. Check the instructions at Motor vehicles as removal goods

2. If you purchase a car or other motor vehicle from outside the EU, you must clear it through customs. Check the instructions at Buying a vehicle from abroad

3. If you export a car for reparation outside the EU, it must be cleared through customs before exiting the country and when the repaired car returns to Finland. Check the instructions at Export of a car for reparation outside the EU.

Customs is also responsible for handling the claims for damages and responding to actions for damages regarding VAT payable on car tax.