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How do I make a claim? 

Please submit your application to Customs in writing primarily by completing the following form:

Take care when completing the application

Completing the application with care will speed up the processing of your claim. Take a look at the pre-filled example application Tullien peruutus ja palautus, 643s (in Finnish).

You can also submit a free-form application.

Include the following details in your application

  • the decision that you’re appealing against
  • how you wish the decision to be revised
  • the grounds for the claim
  • your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • account number (BIC and IBAN).


Always enclose with the application

  • a copy of the decision that you’re appealing against
  • Important: if you completed the customs clearance in the Import Declaration Service for private persons on 11 February 2020 or later: You don’t need a copy of the decision your application for a revised decision concerns, but you must provide the MRN of the customs clearance.
  • any documents the are invoked in the claim and that may influence a decision in the matter
  • invoice or order confirmation.

If your appeal concerns the commodity code, please provide the goods description in Finnish as well in order to speed up the processing of your claim.

If you are appealing the decision because the goods have been returned, you should also present proof of the goods being returned outside the EU as well as the correspondence with the seller regarding the complaint.

Send the application to Customs

Send the application to Customs including enclosures
by email: kirjaamo(at)
by post: Tulli, Tuonnin oikaisuhakemukset, PL 512, 00100 Helsinki.

Applications concerning Åland

If your application for a revised decision concerns imports from third countries and EU countries to the Åland Islands, or imports across the tax border between mainland Finland and Åland, please send the application (including enclosures) to

by email: atp.skattegrans(at)
by post: Mariehamn Customs, P.O. Box 40, 22101 Mariehamn. 

Secure email

When you send documents containing personal details to Customs, we recommend that you use secure email for safety reasons. See the instructions on sending secure email.

Points to consider

- After you have personally lodged the customs clearance of your consignment in the Import Declaration Service for private persons, your customs clearance decision, decision on release, customs invoice and the related MRN will be available for 90 days in the service. Your bank will provide a receipt on the customs clearance you have paid for.

  1. Log in to the Service.
  2. Go to “My declarations”. If you’re using a mobile device, you can find the heading by opening the menu in the top right-hand corner of the service.
  3. Select your customs clearance and documentation.

- If you have declared your consignment personally in the Import Declaration Service for private persons and it has been more than 90 days since the customs clearance, you will find your clearance documents in the Customs Clearance Service. For searching your documents, you will need the Movement Reference Number (MRN) of your customs clearance (in clearances done in 2021, the number begins with 21FIU000…). When necessary, you can contact the Customs Information Service for obtaining an MRN. Before you contact us, make sure you have the arrival ID of your package or the transport document number you included in your customs declaration.

  1. Log in to the service.
  2. Select the “Declaration search” tab. Select “MRN or other declaration reference” and the “E-services” transaction method. 
  3. The clearance documents are on the “Summary and submission” page.

- When you have personally lodged the customs clearance of your consignment before 11 February 2020, the customs clearance decision and decision on release are available in the Import Declaration Service.

- When a transport company or a forwarding company has cleared your consignment on your behalf, ask them for the documentation.

Please note: Also private customers are obligated to keep their customs clearance documents. Save the documents for your archives immediately once your customs clearance is done.

MRN required for submitting a claim for a revised decision

You are not required to attach the customs clearance decision to an application for a revised decision if the customs clearance was completed in the Import Declaration Service for private persons on 11 February 2020 or later. However, the MRN of the clearance should be filled in carefully in the application for a revised decision.

As a private person you should keep the customs clearance documents for the current year and an additional six years following the clearance. Customs may ask you to present these documents.

If the consignment is not released to you because of an error in the number of packages or the weight, you should lodge a new declaration with the correct details, so that the goods can be released to you. After this, you can apply for invalidation of the incorrect customs clearance transaction and repayment of the duties based on the new transaction.

  • Send the application to the Customs registry office at kirjaamo(at)
  • Enclose both customs clearance decisions as well as the invoice and other documents showing the correct details.

Any questions?

Contact Customs Information Mon–Fri 8 am–4.15 pm

Please have a look at the frequently asked questions.

If you have a question about the arrival of parcels, its contents or the handling fee, please contact Posti.

Customs Information Service