How do I get my consignment after I’ve declared it?

Postin ja muun kuriirifirman toimintatavat paketin lähettämisessä poikkeavat toisistaan.


If your consignment is transported by Posti or Åland Post

After you’ve declared your consignment and paid the customs invoice, Posti or Åland Post will deliver the consignment to you. You can track the movements of your consignment by using Posti’s Item Tracking or mobile app. You can contact Posti or Åland Post if you have any questions on the tracking of the consignment.

If your consignment is transported by some other transport company

If the transport company asks you to provide the decision on release, you can get it from our declaration service. Provide the decision on release as instructed by the transport company. The transport company can then deliver the consignment to you or you can pick it up from a location indicated by the transport company. If needed, contact the transport company.