How do I get my consignment after I’ve cleared it through Customs?

Postin ja muun kuriirifirman toimintatavat paketin lähettämisessä poikkeavat toisistaan.


When Posti/Åland Post transports your consignment

- After you have cleared the consignment through Customs and paid the customs invoice, Posti/Åland Post will deliver the consignment to you.
- You can track the movements of your consignment by using Posti’s tracking service. If necessary, contact Posti/Åland Post.

When your consignment is transported by a courier or freight company

- You will receive the release decision once you have cleared the consignment and paid the customs invoice. Give it to the freight carrier. The freight carrier can then deliver the consignment to you or you can pick it up from a location notified by the freight carrier. If necessary, contact the freight carrier.

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