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When your company starts EU trade

  1. According to EU legislation, your obligation to submit Intrastat declarations starts when the value of your trade exceeds the threshold value, which in 2023 is 800 000 euros for dispatches and 800 000 euros for arrivals. Finnish Customs Statistics will notify you about the start of your obligation to submit declarations.
  2. You can send your Intrastat declarations to Finnish Customs through the Intrastat Declaration Service, or as direct messages. You will need authorisations (DVV).
  3. Finnish Customs will check that the information you provide is accurate, and may send you statistical enquiries. We may also review your declarations by comparing the total values of your Intrastat and VAT declarations.
  4. The information you provide will be added to the official Finnish statistics on the foreign trade in goods. The information collected with the Intrastat systems and the customs clearance system will be combined and published as a single foreign trade statistic, in the form of statistical publications, and in the Uljas database.

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