How do I submit an Intrastat declaration?

The statistical data is declared electronically. The statistical declaration may be completed and submitted via the Intrastat Declaration Service, by direct message exchange or at Posti Messaging TYVI service pages.

The statistical declaration data is entered and sent via the service on the Customs website, where you can also send the declaration as an ASCII- or CSV-file. The service does not require separate testing. The service has a CN8 commodity code search and the system checks the correctness of the codes, so it is not possible to use incorrect codes. The service is free of charge. identification and authorisations will replace Katso identification in all of Finnish Customs’ services and in all public administration in Finland. For the time being, Katso ID and roles can still be used by businesses, but we recommend the use of identification, which is based on strong identification How you identify yourself and grant mandates.

A strong personal identification is used when logging in to the service, i.e. online banking codes, a mobile certificate or a certificate card.

The granting of a mandate for Intrastat declarations changes, so that nearly all who make declarations need an electronic authorisation before making a declaration. A company’s CEO or any other person with the right to sign for the company grants the mandate. The mandates are created in the e-Authorizations service.

The mandate used for Intrastat declarations is Statistical declarations on intra-EU trade flows.

It is yet not possible to use and authorisations In Posti Messagings´ Tyvi-service. Logging into Tyvi-service is still done with Katso-ID. identification and authorisations cannot yet be used for Intrastat declarations by a

  • foreign company
  • foreign person who doesn´t have a finnish personal identitycode
  • business partnership, deemed partnership, joint administration and public organisation
  • company, in which two or more persons jointly have signatory rights.

If you belong to one of these groups, you can start using identification and authorisations in Intrastat declarations later in 2020.

More information available on the website:

Customer support for companies and organisations: identification and authorisation: Digital and Population Data Services Agency, customer service for organisations, 10 am to 3 pm, organisaatiopalvelut(at), tel.  0295 535 115

Additional information and instructions for creating files >> 

Intrastat Declaration Service

Direct message exchange requires authorisation from Finnish Customs. In direct message exchange businesses can send Intrastat declarations directly from their own systems to Customs. More information >>

Using the TYVI service requires a Katso ID. The statistical declaration may be submitted on an electronic form or as a standard format file on Posti Messaging TYVI service You can also send your declaration as a standard format file. Use of data transfer requires Posti Messaging’s chargeable TYVI Pro user ID. More information >>


Information on outages and disruptions

You can subscribe to information on outages and disruptions concerning Intrastat by completing the subscription form on the Customs website

Customs will send the messages to the e-mail address provided by the subscriber. The messages do not concern disruptions to the TYVI Service. You will find information about them on Posti Messaging’s website

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