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Guidance on customs clearance on this website:

New warehouse IDs of transport companies in the correct format

You can find the Customs Warehouse ID search service here.     

  Warehouse ID Use this warehouse ID of the new format
in the Import Declaration Service for private persons
Federal Express Corporation FI1717964-1R0002 FI1717964-100101
DHL Express (Finland) Oy        FI2717767-4R0001 FI2717767-400001
DHL Express (Finland) Oy        FI2717767-4R0002 FI2717767-400101
DHL Express (Finland) Oy        FI2717767-4R0004 FI2717767-400201
DHL Express (Finland) Oy        FI2717767-4R0005 FI2717767-400501
TNT Suomi Oy FI0603365-5R0001 FI0603365-500301
TNT Suomi Oy FI0603365-5R0003 FI0603365-500001
United Parcel Service Finland Oy FI0634619-2R0001 FI0634619-200001
United Parcel Service Finland Oy FI0634619-2R0004 FI0634619-200101
Finnair Cargo Oy FI0108057-5R0013 FI0108057-500201
Swissport Finland Oy FI2420280-3R0001 FI2420280-300001
Swissport Finland Oy FI2420280-3R0002 FI2420280-300201
ASR Europe Oy FI2558282-8R0004 FI2558282-800101
Transmar FI0144866-7R0001 FI0144866-700101
Åland Post FI2220702-9R0001 FI2220702-900001
























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