Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX)

The Arrival and exit declaration service (AREX) of Finnish Customs is used for submitting declarations for third country goods and Union goods arriving in Finland. In addition, the AREX service is also used for submitting declarations for Union goods that will exit Finland and for third country goods that have been in temporary storage and are to be reloaded (so-called transhipment goods).

User identification in the online service

Identified users are allowed to submit all the various entry and exit declarations. Users can remain unidentified only when submitting entry and exit summary declarations for goods transported by road.

Identified users can browse the declarations they have submitted and save their declarations as drafts. Businesses log in to the service with identification.

Businesses log in to the service using identification and authorisations. A person who submits customs declarations needs a mandate granted by the company’s CEO or by another person with signatory rights or by a person authorised by either of these persons to grant a mandate.

If a company wants to use a representative company (accounting firm or forwarding agency), the representative must be authorised in

The Katso ID can, for the time being, still be used by businesses that cannot use identification yet. Private persons log in using their online banking IDs.

Read more about identification and authorisations

Unidentified users receive a declaration-specific reference number (MRN) generated by the system. The reference number is used to retrieve the declaration data at the customs office of entry or exit, where the goods are also presented to Customs.

Commodity code

Certain declarations require that the goods description be given with sufficient accuracy. The description is to be given either by entering the commodity code with an accuracy of four digits to indicate the goods heading or by providing a goods description of the corresponding heading level. The European Commission has published instructions on the correct way to provide the goods description (TAXUD/1402/2007).

Lodging online declarations is made easier if the declarant has found out the appropriate goods description and heading for the goods in advance, for example by using the EU’s TARIC database. The commodity codes can also be found in the Combined Nomenclature (CN) on the Finnish Customs website.

Guidance and telephone support

Before lodging a declaration, users are advised to consult the user’s guide, the tooltips and the examples provided in the AREX service.

Descriptions and customer instructions concerning AREX declarations and the declaration procedure can also be found on the pages about message exchange.

Declarations sent as messages from companies’ data systems

Companies can also submit electronic declarations in message format from their own data systems. This requires that the company has been authorised to act as an EDI sender.

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