Questions on postal consignments – who to contact?

If you have questions regarding a postal consignment, it’s good to know your first point of contact to ensure that the customs clearance moves as smoothly as possible. Below are a few tips that we hope will prove helpful.

Tracking postal consignments:

When it comes to postal consignments, Posti (or Åland Post) and Customs have clearly defined tasks:

  • Posti transports and stores consignments
  • Customs is responsible for the customs clearance of the import goods and collects any taxes due.

When a consignment requires customs clearance, Posti (Åland Post) will send the recipient, or consignee, an arrival notification that includes guidance on how to declare the consignment.

Contact Posti if

  • you have questions about the status of your consignment
  • you haven’t received an arrival notification for the postal consignment
  • you don’t know the contents of a postal consignment requiring customs clearance
  • you haven’t got the arrival notification details about the postal parcel at hand for the customs clearance

Contact information:

Post’s forwarding service, tel. +358(0)20 451 5900
The website of Åland Post: Contact us

Contact the Customs Information Service if

  • you have questions regarding the customs clearance of the consignment
  • you have questions about the customs duties or taxes due, the commodity codes, any import restrictions or exemption from customs duties that may apply, etc.

Customs Information Service contact information: private persons, tel. 0295 5201, businesses, tel. 0295 5202, or Contact Customs Information

Contact the helpline of the Import Declaration Service if

  • you have questions regarding the Import Declaration Service on how to fill in the declaration details, about the functions of the service, etc.

The service number for customs declarations, private persons, is 0295 5206 (Mon–Fri 8 am–6 pm). The service number for customers on Åland is 0295 527 018 (Mon–Fri 8 am–4 pm).

Contact a customs office if

  • you want further information, guidance or clarification on a specific postal consignment that you’ve already received a notice of arrival for and that you wish to clear at that particular customs office. Customs will notify Posti after the customs clearance that the consignment has been cleared. Posti will then deliver the consignment to your home or nearest post office free of charge.


Contact us
Customs Information Service, Private customers
Monday to Friday 8 am–4 pm

Contact Customs Information

The cost of a call from a landline or mobile phone subscription is 0 cents/min + local network charge/ standard mobile rate.
In car tax matters, kindly contact the Tax Administration (


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