Port Traffic Declaration Service (Portnet)

The notification procedure for vessel traffic has been developed by Finnish Customs in cooperation with the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency, sea transport operators, ship agents, shipping companies, other government agencies and ports.

The result of this cooperation is the electronic Portnet system, to which the notifications concerning vessel arrival and departure can be submitted electronically to Customs as required by the authorities. In its current form, Portnet has been in use since the beginning of 2000.

Ship agents can submit the required notifications electronically to Portnet as online declarations or as Edifact or XML messages. Certain details about the ship and the port call can also be uploaded to Portnet from the declarant’s own files.

The Portnet procedure meets the requirements for the processing of notifications concerning port calls laid out in directive 2010/65/EU. It is based on the so-called single window principle, which means that the customer, i.e. the ship’s agent, submits information to a single place where it is can be accessed by various authorities and by ports.

The ship’s arrival number issued by Portnet is one of the details required by Customs as part of the presentation notification lodged at arrival or exit. The arrival number can be easily obtained from the PortTraffic service.

Customs has issued a regulation on Portnet notifications, Customs Regulation No 3/2018. The regulation also contains information on how to apply for status as a Portnet declarant.

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