Message exchange

Message exchange between a business and Customs refers to electronic transfer of data using declaration messages of a specified format.  Message exchange is the declaration method of choice if the business has a large number of declarations that contain several goods items.

Message exchange can be used in import (import customs declarations), in export (export customs declarations), in declaring the entry and exit of goods, in transit (T1 and T2 transit declarations and electronic TIR Carnet declarations), for declarations for customs warehousing, for Åland tax border declarations and for statistics declarations concerning intra-EU trade.

Requirements for message exchange:

  • Data communication links for transmitting messages.
  • Software for creating and sending declarations to the various systems of Customs.
  • Authorisation for message exchange granted by Customs.
  • Testing the applications and data communication links with Customs.
  • Competence in the procedure(s) to ensure that the submission of declarations runs smoothly.

Applying for an authorisation to use message exchange

You apply for an authorisation to use message exchange by completing customs form 934 or by using the Application for message exchange with Customs, the UTU system form 1092e. You can indicate in the application to which system or systems of Customs your company intends to send declarations.


Your company has decided to apply for message exchange with Customs

Choose the method for message exchange

In your own environment, you shall implement services that enable the use of the web-based direct message exchange services provided by Customs

Acquire the software

Apply for an authorisation for message exchange with Customs

Meet one of our business advisers

Test the software and the connections

After receiving the authorisation for message exchange, you can send the declarations you have tested to Customs via message exchange

Application form and completion instructions

pdf icon 934e (pdf, 744 kB)

Application for message exchange with Finnish Customs

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