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Import Declaration

You can clear your goods and pay import duties in the Import Declaration Service 24 hours a day.

Import Declaration Service for private persons
Import Declaration (in Finnish)

You must clear your consignment through Customs if Posti or some other freight carrier has notified you about the arrival of a consignment that requires customs clearance. You must clear your goods and pay any possible taxes within the time limit given by the transport company. Otherwise, the transport company will return your consignment to the sender.


Have a look at the instructions for private individuals at After your purchase - Clear your consignment

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Declare your goods online – use the Import Declaration Service

The use of the Import Declaration Service is free of charge, and the service is available 24/7. User instructions and frequently asked questions are available in the Import Declaration Service.

The Import Declaration Service can be used by cash and credit customers.

  • A cash customer is a company that does not have a payment deferment authorisation. Cash customers get possession of goods only after they have undergone customs clearance, and when the customs clearance decision, i.e. the customs invoice, has been paid.
  • A credit customer is a company that has a payment deferment authorisation. Credit customers get possession of goods immediately after they have undergone customs clearance, and receive the customs clearance decision at the same time. Credit customers receive a customs invoice (periodic filing) later, meaning that a payment period of about five weeks is reserved for the invoice.

Logging into the service

Businesses log in to the service using identification and authorisations. A person who submits customs declarations needs a mandate granted by the company’s CEO or by another person with signatory rights or by a person authorised by either of these persons to grant a mandate. If a business wants to use a representative company, it can authorise the representative in or choose the manner of authorisation. The mandate theme used in this service is “Customs clearance”.

The Katso ID can, for the time being, still be used by businesses that cannot use identification yet. The Katso ID must have the authorisation contained in the role “CUSTOMS-Customs clearance”. The Finnish Tax Administration grants Katso IDs free of charge.

Payments in the Import Declaration Service

In the Import Declaration Service, cash customers can pay customs invoices by online banking from their bank accounts, by card (VISA debit/credit and MasterCard debit/credit). The amount to be paid in the Import Declaration Service must be at least EUR 0.65. Cash customers have ten days to pay their invoices. Credit customers can pay their invoices within five weeks.

Postal consignments

You can have your postal consignments delivered directly to your company address or to a pick-up point after customs clearance.

Freight consignments

If you are receiving a freight consignment, you will be sent a decision on release for the consignment via the Import Declaration Service. You should hand over the decision on release to the transporter of the consignment so that it can be released from storage.

Your consignment must cleared through Customs within the given time limit. Otherwise, Posti or the freight carrier will return the consignment to the sender.


The scope of customs procedures used in the Import Declaration Service depends on whether a company is a credit customer of Customs or if it holds other authorisations granted by Customs. Some procedures are available only to credit customers. You can submit complete one-step customs declarations in the Import Declaration Service using customs procedures listed here. With other customs procedures, companies can use alternative methods of declaration. For example, a company can submit a declaration at a customs office, authorise a representative to submit a declaration, or submit a declaration in message format.

Note! Before you visit us, always check in advance where the nearest customs office for customs clearance is and when it is open. Go to contact information

The Import Declaration Service is available in Finnish and Swedish.

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Import declarations can also be sent in message format

Companies can submit import declarations in message format from their data systems or through a service provider. Message exchange is the declaration method of choice if the business submits a large number of declarations. For you start using message exchange, you need authorisation from Customs. You should also test the functionality of the software and data communication links with Customs.

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