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Export Declaration Service

An electronic export declaration must be submitted to Customs for all goods exported from the EU, but for a few exceptions. The most common exceptions are:

  • postal parcels with a maximum value of 1,000 euros
  • personal goods carried by passengers

The electronic export declaration can be submitted to Customs using the Export Declaration Service.

You can create a declaration either as an unidentified user or as an identified user.

Unidentified users receive a declaration-specific reference number generated by the system. Using this reference number, the declaration details are retrieved at the customs office where the export goods are released for the export procedure, and the Export Accompanying Document (EAD) and release decision are printed out for the exporter. The certification of exit can be retrieved from any customs office in Finland after the exit has been confirmed.

Identified users can view and print out the Export Accompanying Document (EAD) and the decision on release, save a declaration as a draft and choose a previous declaration as a template for a new one. The certification of exit can also be printed out from the system after the exit has been confirmed.

Businesses can log in to the service using identification and authorise another party to transact on their behalf under the authorisation. The Katso ID can, for the time being, still be used by businesses that cannot use identification yet. Private persons log in using their online banking IDs. Read more about identification and authorisations

Lodging online declarations is made easier if the declarant has found out the commodity codes of the export goods in advance, as well as any additional requirements and export restrictions that may apply to these commodity codes, e.g. by using the TARIC database of the EU. The commodity codes for export can also be found in the Combined Nomenclature (CN) on the Finnish Customs website. The Customs Information Service offers guidance in matters concerning commodity codes and export restrictions, and answers general questions on the export procedure.

Before lodging a declaration, users are advised to consult the user’s guide, the tooltips and the examples provided in the Export Declaration Service. The service’s telephone support offers guidance primarily on how to use the service and on technical queries on how to fill in online declarations.

Companies can also submit electronic export declarations in message format from their own data systems. This requires that the company has been authorised to act as an EDI sender for export.

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