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Authorisation Service

At the moment, you can apply for the following authorisations granted by Finnish Customs, as well as changes to these authorisations:

  • authorisation for comprehensive guarantee, CGU
  • authorisation for deferment of payment, DPO
  • authorisation for temporary storage, TST
  • customs warehousing authorisation, CWP, CW1 or CWP2
  • authorisation to use simplified declaration, SDE
  • authorisation for entry of data in the declarant’s records, EIR
  • authorisation for the status of authorised consignee, ACE
  • authorisation for the status of authorised consignee for TIR procedure, ACT
  • authorisation for the status of authorised issuer, ACP

  • authorisation for the status of authorised consignor, ACR

  • authorisation for the use of seals of a special type, SSE.

You can apply for other authorisations issued by Customs by submitting your application to the Customs Authorisation Centre. Guidance on how to apply can be found on the page Authorisations.

Read our guidance before applying for an authorisation

Before applying for the authorisation, make sure that your company has the necessary details, including an EORI number.

Make sure that you have the attachments, documents and other information (e.g. financial statements and guarantee details) that are required to apply for the authorisation.

In the Authorisation Service, you can find guidance on how to fill in the authorisation application. You can also get help with your application via phone, email or chat.

Logging into the service

Businesses can log in to the service using identification and authorise another party to transact on their behalf under the authorisation. The Katso ID can, for the time being, still be used by businesses that cannot use identification yet. Read more about identification and authorisations

You can use the Authorisation Service free of charge, and it is available 24/7.

The Service is available in Finnish and Swedish.


How do I submit an authorisation application if the Customs e-service is unavailable?

You can submit your application by post or by email to the Customs Authorisation Centre. You can find the instructions and forms for applying here.

Contact us

General instructions for businesses

General instructions for businesses offers advice from Monday to Friday 8 am–4.15 pm. Have a look at the FAQ or contact us with your question.

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