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Attachment Upload

The Attachment Upload service (previously Web Liitu) is used by customers of operator-based and direct message exchange within import, export and transit as well as by users of the Export Declaration Service, the Transit Declaration Service and the Customs Warehousing Declaration Service. Attachment Upload is not intended for users of the Import Declaration Service, as they should still submit their attachments to Customs via the Import Declaration Service itself.  

When Customs requests additional information, users can also, in addition to Attachment Upload, submit attachments via the VYVI secure mail service or by e-mail.

You can speed up your transactions by sending documents in advance

Using Attachement Upload, customers can send attachments to Customs in advance, thus speeding up the processing of their transactions. The attachments should pertain to electronic customs declarations submitted to Customs.

Customers can also use Attachment Upload to submit attachments requested by Customs.

Logging in

Businesses using Katso identification: Katso ID issued by the Tax Administration. The Katso ID should have the role Customs clearance (import, export, transit, warehousing).

The use of Katso identification will end by the end of 2020.

Businesses using identification: The user logs in as a private person in the identification service and selects “Acting on behalf of a company”. The mandate “Customs clearance” is required. If the company uses a representative for submitting declarations, the representative must always be granted a mandate in e-Authorizations.

Private persons: The user logs in as a private person in the identification service.

Saving attachments

In Attachment Upload, it is possible to save and send scanned paper documents or files and pictures generated by office systems. All files must be in pdf format.

Using Attachment Upload requires using a scanner for converting attachments in paper form into electronic format or using attachments generated by office systems.

Restrictions to the use of Attachment Upload

  • The attachments sent via Attachment Upload must pertain to a declaration or matter to be electronically processed at Customs.
  • Attachment Upload can only be used by identified users.
  • The attachments sent via Attachment Upload must be in pdf format.
  • The maximum file size of attachments sent via Attachment Upload is 5 MB.
  • The number of attachments that can be saved in Attachment Upload per each sending has been restricted depending on the procedure. In imports, exports and transit, a maximum of five attachments can be saved for each declaration.
  • The attachment may pertain to only one declaration.
  • Customs stores the attachments submitted through Attachment Upload only for the time it takes to process the declaration. Users must themselves store all attachments sent via Attachment Upload in accordance with the instructions issued by Customs (in Finnish and Swedish only): Customs’ information bulletin series No. 182/010/11.
  • Attachments sent via Attachment Upload cannot be subsequently viewed in the service. Only the details provided for the attachment are displayed to the user after the customs declaration has been sent.

Service disruptions and user support

If Attachment Upload is not available, attachments requested by Customs can be sent to the Electronic Service Centre by e-mail or using the VYVI secure e-mail service. During maintenance downtime and disruptions it is not possible to send attachments in advance. Only attachments that have been requested by Customs may be sent by e-mail or VYVI secure e-mail. When sending attachments by e-mail or VYVI secure e-mail, a unique identifier is to be provided for the declaration, such as the MRN or import transaction identifier. (Suomeksi tässä typo: ‘lmoituksen yksilöivä tunniste’)

In case of disruptions, we ask you to primarily contact the service number or e-mail address which you would normally contact in matters concerning completion of declarations.

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