Message exchange, contact information for businesses

Customs declarations, businesses
Transit follow-up
Monday to Friday 8 am–4 pm

Transit follow-up, monitoring the discharge of the transit procedure and related enquiries, matters involving supervision of unloading

Message exchange technical support, businesses
Monday to Friday 7 am–6 pm

At other times, restricted on-call service provided by Message follow-up.
Technical support, EDI support, technical message follow-up and technical customer testing, responding to technical problems related to declaration messages

Consumer protection
Monday to Friday 8 am–4 pm

Consumer protection; assignments to take samples of imported goods; health and quality inspections of fruit and vegetables

Requests for statistical information on imports and exports for customers (imports) (exports)


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Customs Information Service, Business customers
Monday to Friday 8 am–4 pm

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The cost of a call from a landline or mobile phone subscription is 0 cents/min + local network charge/ standard mobile rate.


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