Cancellation and invalidation of a transit declaration

Only transit declarations started in Finland can be cancelled or invalidated. The transit declaration is invalidated before the transit declaration is released for the procedure. A cancellation is made after goods are released for a procedure.

The transit procedure is ended according to standard instructions. The invalidation request form is only used when it is impossible to end the procedure in the normal way at the customs office or at the authorised consignee’s facilities.

The transit has to be invalidated within the time limit of the transit procedure. If the invalidation request arrives after the deadline, Customs can impose a penalty fee for the procedural error.

Electronic cancellation requests from authorised consignors are sent to: spake.passitus(at)

All invalidation requests linked to manu-EDI and manual declarations are always processed by Customs at the customs office where the transit has been released for the procedure.

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THT 148/010/10: Ending the transit procedure and invalidation of the transit declaration (in Finnish and Swedish)