Invalidation of a transit declaration

Only transit declarations submitted in Finland can be invalidated. A transit declaration can be invalidated before the transit movement has crossed the border, exited the security area or arrived at the destination. 

Request invalidation of the declaration by submitting an invalidation request to Customs. The invalidation request can be submitted 

  • after registration or acceptance of the declaration before release for the procedure
  • when the goods covered by the declaration have been released for the procedure, but the transit movement has not yet crossed the border, exited the security area or arrived at the destination.
    • If one of the above has already taken place, the transit procedure is discharged at the destination or with messages sent by the authorised consignee.

Invalidation can be requested for the whole declaration or for a goods item. If the transit declaration has not yet been accepted but it has been registered, invalidation always concerns the whole declaration. 

The invalidation request form (Customs form 285s, available in Finnish) is only used when it is not possible to discharge the procedure in the normal manner at the customs office or at an authorised consignee’s premises.

The transit declaration has to be invalidated before the expiry of the time limit for the transit. If the invalidation request arrives after the expiry of the time limit, Customs can impose a penalty fee.

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THT 148/010/10: Ending the transit procedure and invalidation of the transit declaration (in Finnish and Swedish)