Counting goods unloaded into the customs warehouse and unloading report

When the goods have arrived at the customs warehouse, the warehouse keeper counts the unloaded goods and compares the details provided in the customs declaration with the goods that have arrived at the warehouse.

For goods that have arrived under a transit procedure, an unloading report must always be submitted to the customs office that discharges the transit. If the arriving goods are moving under the customs warehousing procedure and the goods unloaded into the customs warehouse differ in some way from the details provided in the customs declaration, the holder of the procedure must amend the details. In the case of declarations lodged with a SAD form, the amendment is made with an unloading report that is submitted to the customs office supervising the operational activity of the warehouse. In the case of electronically submitted declarations, the declaration is amended or a new customs declaration is lodged. Declarations lodged via Customs’ online service are amended via the online service and message declarations with a message.

The goods are entered in the records in accordance with the unloading report. If necessary, the documents proving the unloading report and the possible decision on amendment after release are attached to the records.

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