Customs+ customer

Who is suited for the Customs+ customer status?

The Customs+ status suits companies that are AEOC customers, but who want to engage in a more extensive cooperation with Customs. The aim is to get even difficult matters right the first time. 

The Customs+ customers are willing to analyse and develop their own operation in cooperation with Customs’ experts. To enhance their knowledge of customs operations and their own activity, the companies draft an annual development plan based on their own analysis and discussions with Customs. 

Who can become a Customs+ customer?

The customs knowledge of Customs+ customers should be on a commendable level with a confirmed in-house control. They also commit to analysing and developing their own operation with support from Customs’ customer service team. The development plan drafted by the customer and the actions planned based on it, are reviewed annually during a meeting with the members of the Customs+ customer service team. 

Customs+ customers commit on agreement to participate in the piloting of Customs’ new functions and information systems as well as to report on the results of the piloting and to provide possible development ideas. 

What are the advantages of being a Customs+ customer?

  • Customs+ customers have their own service team that provides service and support to Customs+ customers via their own service channel in all matters concerning the development of the Customs+ status and the company’s own operation.
  • An annual meeting with their own representative from the Customs+ customer service team.
  • Precedence in the piloting of Customs’ new functions and information systems. 
  • Possibility to comment on customer notices and instructions and consequently receive advance information on upcoming matters and changes. 

Applying for Customs+ customer status is done by sending an email to aeo(at) Operators, who are accepted as Customs+ customers, have an AEOC or AEOC+S authorisation.

Man anmäler sig som Tull+-kund genom att skicka e-post till adressen aeo(at) Som Tull+-kunder godkänns aktörer med AEOC- eller AEOC+S-tillstånd.

AEO logoAuthorised Economic Operator (AEO) is a worldwide project, which goal is to promote the security of international supply chains.


Customs+ is a national status, where the goal is to get Custom transactions done right the first time, and to engage in a more extensive cooperation with Customs.

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