Customer training – targeted training

Customs’ customer training organises targeted training for Customs’ interest groups. The training events are organised based on customers’ requests.

Events include visits to Customs by different educational establishments when possible, as well as other non-profit events free of charge. 

Further Qualification in Customs Operations

The Further Qualification in Customs Operations or parts of the qualification can be completed not only by Customs’ personnel but also by persons working in businesses with customs clearance, forwarding or vessel clearance tasks. The Further Qualification in Customs Operations is a competence-based qualification, and it confers eligibility for higher education studies.

The fee-based business information service does not provide basic information on customs matters by phone or email. For basic information contact the Customs Information Service.

Customs also organises general customer training free of charge to individual businesses as well as to different target groups. More detailed information under Business information

Webinar 17 May 2017: What changes in Customs clearance 2017–2020? (in Finnish)

Webinar material (in Finnish)



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Customs’ training
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You can ask about targeted Customs’ training for Customs’ interest groups, such as businesses and educational establishments.

Customer training