Customer information, customer training and developing Customs know-how

Customs provides the following to their customers

  • basic information
  • business Information
  • webinars free of charge as well as
  • customer training.

Customs offers all customer groups support and guidance for customs transactions. The aim is reach an easy, swift and correct way of lodging customs declarations and transactions which corresponds to the customer’s needs.

Basic information services free of charge to all customers, is provided by e.g. the Customs Information Service, the Customs website, the telephone support for online transactions as well as the Customs online learning environment for customers. The business information service linked to the authorisation process is also free of charge. Contact information - Instructions for businesses

Tailor-made customer training for business is subject to a charge.

How can a business develop its Customs know-how?

There is up-to-date information on customs procedures and customs declaration on the Customs website. The pages also contain information on upcoming changes. On the website, you can e.g. subscribe to the electronic newsletter on customs clearance.

Customs offers customer information and training. The services range from online training material and general functions, to authorisation consultancy and customer training services subject to a charge. Furthermore, Customs provides customer training sessions for target groups, for example regarding the changes in customs legislation.

The national Customs Information Service gives support, particularly to small-scale customers. Key customers can turn to the Business Information Service, which gives advice on authorisations and other transactions. The most suitable forms of customs transactions for this group of customers is direct message exchange, customer cooperation groups and authorisation services. The customer support is organised, among other ways, through the business information service and information services regarding authorisations.

The customer support for Customs+ customers who often need customer service regarding message exchange and authorisations, is coordinated by the Customs+ team.