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Business information services are offered free of charge to Customs’ key customers and to Customs+ customers. The services usually pertain to maintaining the customs skills of corporate customers and to reviewing service requirements. The goal of the information services is to offer businesses the most efficient methods available for customs transactions within business activity, and to ensure that companies are aware of the conditions of the customs services they are using.

Business information services can involve new and changing customs functions, simplification permits relating to customs transactions, or message-based transactions involving customs declarations.

Customs Business Information also provides business-related information to individual companies as well as to specific target groups. Business information events tailored for specific target groups are typically arranged, for example, in situations where changes occur in tax legislation, and upon implementing new electronic systems. By classifying target groups into categories that comprise businesses as similar as possible in terms of activity and information requirements, Customs ensures that important information is conveyed precisely to the customers who need it.

Procedure-specific business information

Customs provides customer information services for businesses regarding special questions concerning the implementation of customs clearance procedures as well as information linked to authorisations granted by Customs. Contact information regarding different procedures can be found below.

Questions regarding individual customs declarations are answered by the Customs Electronic Service Centre.


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