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Which customer relation with Customs suits our company?

You can choose the customer relation that suits your company the best, according to how much business you have and which services you use. If you only need Customs’ services occasionally, the online declaration services might suit you the best. If you regularly lodge a large number of customs declarations, an authorisation for simplification of customs procedures and message exchange could be best suited for your company. Customs+ is best suited for a company that wants to engage in a more extensive cooperation with Customs.

  • A basic customer of Customs is a company that occasionally or seldom imports or exports goods and that has a narrow product range. The company does not have customs permits or authorisations for simplifications. Cash-customers and private persons who regularly conduct business with Customs are also considered basic customers. Basic customers are offered free online declaration services, and they can also use the free customer phone service.
  • Customs’ key customers are companies that have an established need for services and that regularly do business with Customs. Key customers include e.g. forwarding agencies and import, export, Intrastat, tax border and shipping due customers. Key customers usually have a Customs authorisation for comprehensive guarantee. Key customers are offered personalised comprehensive service, which includes business advice in changes, authorisation services including simplifications and direct message exchange.
  • Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) is a worldwide project with the goal of promoting the security of international supply chains (AEOS). Within the EU, this also includes the correctness of customs procedures (AEOC). The AEOC customer follows the quality of their own customs transactions by complying with the in-house control required by Customs.
  • The Customs+ status suits companies that are AEOC customers, but who want to engage in a more extensive cooperation with Customs. The aim is to get difficult matters right the first time. A Customs+ customer has precedence in training sessions arranged by Customs, as well as in piloting new functions and information systems. An AEOC customer is accepted as a Customs+ customer when the quality of the more extensive in-house control by the company has been verified by Customs. Customs confirms the status by publishing the company’s name on the Customs website.