Before starting import

Find out where the goods are sent from or whether they’ve already been cleared into the EU

Find out the commodity code of the goods before import

Find out in advance, whether there are import restrictions regarding the goods

Apply for the authorisations and registrations you need to fill in a customs declaration

You receive the goods when they have been cleared through customs

You can lodge a claim for revision if something goes wrong

Find out in advance about the import requirements and import restrictions

  • The importer is responsible for the safety of the products and package labelling.
  • It pays to find out through the market surveillance authorities, which import requirements apply to the product group before import.
  • All products have their own national administrative authority and/or licensing authority (e.g. Finnish Food Authority, The National Police Board), which gives instructions regarding restrictions.
  • Finnish Customs is an enforcement authority and never grants import authorisations for restricted goods. Find out from the authorising authority, whether the item you are importing requires an authorisation or whether it is otherwise restricted.
  • The import authorisation for the goods has to be obtained in advance.
  • Present the import authorisation to Customs when clearing the goods.

Check the commodity code of the goods in advance – the import duties, among other things, are based on the commodity code.

To find out the import restrictions you need the commodity code of the goods (check the Taric database). The import duties and taxes cannot be determined without the commodity code.

  • Check the commodity code of the goods during the purchase. The seller often has the best knowledge about the goods and you e.g. need data on the composition of the goods to determine the commodity code.
  • Commodity code (help in finding the right commodity code)
  • We help in defining the right commodity code when needed.

Importers and exporters will need an EORI number assigned by Customs for trade with non-EU countries (Customer notice 21 April 2020)

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