Product conformity

In order to ensure safety, health, environmental protection and consumer protection, products entering the EU market must meet certain requirements. The primary responsibility for the conformity of products lies with manufacturers, importers and sellers. The CE marking on the product indicates that the product meets the essential requirements imposed on it, the requirements of the applicable Directives and that it has been assessed accordingly. The following products (among others) must have the CE marking; pleasure boats, toys, machinery, electrical appliances, personal protective equipment, construction products, gas appliances, radio equipment and medical devices. 

The conformity of the products is supervised by the market surveillance authorities. The supervision is based on the EU’s Market Surveillance Regulation. The aim of the Regulation is to reduce the number of non-compliant products on the internal market, to make market surveillance more effective and to improve the functioning of the internal market. Provisions on the application of the Market Surveillance Regulation are laid down in Finland's national legislation. 

Customs supervises the import of products

In accordance with the Market Surveillance Regulation, Customs acts as the external border authority responsible for the external border control of products entering the EU market. External border control are carried out in accordance with the procedure laid down in the Market Surveillance Regulation. This means that Customs has the right to suspend the release for free circulation of a product if, for example, shortcomings are detected in the declaration of conformity of the product or in the CE marking. In these cases, Customs will always contact the market surveillance authority responsible for the product group, which then decides on further measures. 

In some product groups, Customs has been designated as the competent market surveillance authority. Such product groups are; chemicals, cosmetic preparations, biocides as well as goods for consumer use, such as toys and childcare products. If shortcomings are found in these products, Customs will independently decide on further measures.

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