TRACES system

TRACES is short for Trade Control and Expert System. TRACES was developed to ensure the traceability and control of live animals and products of animal origin both in intra-Union trade between EU-countries and in imports from non-EU-countries. TRACES is also being expanded to exports – the health certificates for exports of live animals and products of animal origin to certain countries are generated using TRACES. TRACES is administered by the Commission. The TRACES program is used both by authorities and companies.

Traces information

Sector Certificate Applies to Email Website System in use
Fresh fruits and vegetables (Customs Laboratory) CHED-PP Fresh fruits, vegetables and berries kuluttajasuojelu(at)

Plant health

(only in Finnish)

Controls regulation

Foodstuffs of non-animal origin (Customs Enforcement, Product Safety)) CHED-D Foodstuffs of non-animal origin subject to intensified import controls kuluttajasuojelu(at)

Food control


Controls regulation


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