Approved border control post (BCP)

Foodstuffs and food contact materials subject to intensified EU controls as well as fresh vegetables, fruits and berries subject to the plant health legislation, live animals and foodstuffs of animal origin as well as plants intended for planting, cut flowers and timber can only be imported through border control posts (BCP) approved for these product categories.

Helsinki Airport, Vuosaari Harbour and Vaalimaa are approved border control posts for products subject to intensified controls as well as for fruits, vegetables and berries. Animals can be imported via Vaalimaa and Helsinki Airport, and products of animal origin via Vaalimaa, Helsinki Airport and Vuosaari Harbour. Correspondingly, approved border control posts have been designated for plants intended for planting, cut flowers and timber.

When a consignment that belongs under enhanced import controls or plant health controls is inspected at a border control post, the operator involved must personally arrange transfers, unloading and re-loading, and see to the resulting costs. Operators must also agree on sampling with the supervising customs office. Control measures to be conducted at a border control post are subject to a fee of 290 euros. In addition, Customs collects the regular fees for examinations and document controls. You should indicate in your customs declaration if you wish for the control to take place at a border control post.

However, it is possible to control goods also at another approved control post (CP). Read more about how to make use of other control posts.

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