Approved border control post (BCP)

After 14 December 2019, the importation of foodstuffs and food contact materials will be subject to intensified EU controls. This includes fresh vegetables, fruits and berries subject to plant health legislation, as well as live animals and foodstuffs of animal origin and plants for planting, cut flowers and timber. Importation will only be possible through border control posts (BCP) approved for the product categories mentioned.

At present, we know that such approved border control posts – where intensified controls take place of products including fruits, vegetables and berries – are located at Helsinki Airport, Vuosaari Harbour and Vaalimaa. Animals could be imported via Vaalimaa and Helsinki Airport, and products of animal origin could be brought in via Vuosaari. Correspondingly, approved border control posts for plants intended for planting, cut flowers and timber will be named.

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