New Official Controls Regulation

Basic information about the new Official Controls Regulation

Foodstuffs and food contact materials subject to intensified EU controls as well as fresh vegetables, fruits and berries subject to the plant health legislation, live animals and foodstuffs of animal origin as well as plants intended for planting, cut flowers and timber can only be imported through border control posts (BCP) approved for these product categories.

Animals and foodstuffs of animal origin, plants and plant products that require a plant health certificate, as well as foodstuffs of non-animal origin that are subject to intensified import controls must be declared in the TRACES system.

For more information about TRACES, go to website of the Finnish Food Authority.

Customer notice, 21 August 2019: New Official Controls Regulation to enter into force on 14 December 2019, TRACES declarations to become obligatory

Fees are charged for document controls, identity checks and physical checks in accordance with Regulation 72/2022 of the Ministry of Finance (in Finnish).

Animals and goods subject to official controls

The competent authorities must perform official controls on consignments of the following animals and goods brought into the territory of the European Union:

Animals and products of animal origin

  • animals and products of animal origin, germinal products and animal by-products

More information on the Finnish Food Authority website.

Plants and plant products that require a phytosanitary certificate

Goods and feed from certain third countries

  • intensified import controls on foodstuffs of non-animal origin and on food contact materials: more information on the Finnish Customs website.

Regulations on intensified import controls:


  • New risk product regulation is applied from 6 February 2024: Commission Implementing Regulation EU) 2024/286:  For instance nuts, citrus fruits and vegetables from various countries of origin.
  • radioactivity (forest mushrooms and their derivatives from Chernobyl, Ukraine), Regulation (EU) 2024/256  is applied from 7 February 2024
  • prohibited GMO products (rice and rice products from China), Implementing Decision 2011/884/EU, latest amendment: Implementing Decision 2013/287/EU

Food contact materials
(Materials coming into contact with foodstuffs and subject to intensified controls are to be easily separated from the rest of the consignment, and easily presented to Customs).

Points to consider

When submitting documents required for imports to Customs you must submit the original documents.

Submit the official certificates required when importing foodstuffs to one of the following addresses:

  • Finnish Customs / Helsinki Airport border control post
    Airport Customs, customer service, Rahtitie 1 A (1st floor), Vantaa
  • Finnish Customs / Vuosaari Harbour border control post
    Postal address: P.O. Box 512, 00101 Helsinki
    Street address: Harbour Road In V6, 00980 Helsinki
    Leave the document in the mailbox by the door or book an appointment at or +358 40 332 1721. 
  • Finnish Customs / Vaalimaa border control post 
    Vaalimaantie 2990, 49930 Vaalimaa 

Submit the phytosanitary certificates required for commercial imports of fresh fruit and vegetables to one of the following addresses:

  • Finnish Customs / Helsinki Airport border control post
    Airport Customs, customer service, Rahtitie 1 A (1st floor), Vantaa
  • Finnish Customs / Vaalimaa border control post
    Vaalimaantie 2990, 49930 Vaalimaa
  • Finnish Customs / Vuosaari Harbour border control post
    Please note: The phytosanitary certificates for goods consignments arriving in Vuosaari harbour must be mailed in advance to the address below. 
    Postal address: Finnish Customs / Spake consumer protection, P.O. Box 512, 00101 Helsinki.
    Street address: Opastinsilta 12 B, attendants on 2nd floor, Helsinki

A phytosanitary certificate in paper form need not be submitted if a digital phytosanitary certificate (ePHYTO) has been submitted through the international electronic transmission service for phytosanitary certificates.

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