Prior surveillance of iron and steel products as well as of aluminium products

The EU Commission has adopted prior surveillance of iron and steel products from outside the EU, i.e. from so called third countries. Releasing these products for free circulation requires a surveillance document issued by Customs.

Instructions for application of the Surveillance document:

  • The Company can apply for a surveillance document with Customs form 654As (in Finnish).
  • Note that each commodity code with the same origin requires a separate application. Check the commodity code in the TARIC database
  • Attach a copy of the trade invoice and order confirmation to the application. One application can contain several invoices. The CIF value of the goods is entered in euros. The exchange rate can be checked here: Currency conversion rates
  • The completed and signed application form is sent by email to:
    • ennakkotarkkailu(at)
  • Customs processes the application within five days of its receipt.

You do not need to apply for a surveillance document if

  • the net mass of the goods is under 2,500 kg/commodity code
  • the goods are classified under HS code 7318 and the net mass is under 5, 000 kg/commodity code
  • the country of origin of the goods is Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.

Points to consider

  • The declarant shall indicate the reference number and date of the issue of the surveillance document with document code I004 in the electronic customs declaration.
  • If the goods are released for free circulation in another Member State, the importer needs to have the surveillance document in paper format.


The surveillance document is valid for 4 months and its validity can be extended, upon application, for another four months.

The holder of the authorisation must personally monitor the adequacy of the surveillance document and its period of validity.

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