As of 25 November 2020, the INF number will be applied for in the electronic INF service for special procedures

The new electronic INF service for special procedures will be introduced on 25 November 2020. It replaces the paper forms (INF1, INF2, INF5 and INF9) for special procedures. However, a paper form can be used if it has already been filled in and Customs has confirmed it before 25 November 2020.

The INF number must be applied for in the INF service before lodging a customs declaration. In export and import declarations, the INF number is entered with the additional document code C710. Customs only processes INF applications on weekdays during office hours (8 am to 4.15 pm).

To use the service, you need a mandate and an EORI number identification and mandates are used in the INF service for special procedures and you log in to the service via he EU Trader Portal with a identification.  Read more about identification via the EU Trader Portal. 

If the CEO of a company does not handle customs transactions, the CEO must grant the mandate ‘Applying for customs authorisations’ to the person who handles customs transactions. The mandate must be granted before logging into the service. 

The declarant must also have an EORI number. If your company does not have one, you should apply for one as soon as possible. 

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When is an INF number required?

You will need an INF number for processing procedures that start with export. These comprise outward processing where the authorisation type is  OP EX/IM and the procedure code is 21xx, as well as inward processing where the authorisation type is IP EX/IM and the procedure code is 11xx.

You will also need an INF number for inward and outward processing procedures that start with import and concern several Member States. 

You will need an INF number for your export declaration when you export goods for repair or testing, and when you use outward processing procedure 21xx.

If you use procedure codes 22xx or 23xx in export, you will not need an INF number.

Applying for an INF number when exporting goods for outward processing

In the INF service, you can submit one INF application for each customs declaration regarding export of goods for outward processing. 

If you are using the standard authorisation procedure for exports for outward processing, you can also submit a single INF application for the whole quantity remaining of the authorisation granted by the Authorisation Centre. In such cases, you can use the same INF number in several customs declarations. 

Due to a technical error in the export system of Finnish Customs, it is not possible to declare goods with the customs procedure codes 2100 and 2140 in the same export declaration, and for the time being, two separate export declarations must be submitted for goods exported under these two procedures. However, in this case you only need to submit one INF application that covers the goods declared for processing in both export declarations.

The commodity codes of the goods exported for processing must be given at the level of eight digits in the INF application.  If the standard authorisation includes goods with several different commodity codes, you can upload the details to the INF application in the form of a CSV file. For this purpose, you can download an Excel template from the service. More specific information on this can be found in the user guide of the INF service.

If you do not have a standard authorisation for outward processing, use your own internal reference when applying for an INF number. This reference should be used both in the export and import declarations.

The INF number, which is to be provided with the additional document code C710 in the export declaration for outward processing, has either the format OP EX/IM001FIOPOL12345 (standard authorisation procedure, authorisation number) or OP EX/IM001 + the declarant’s internal reference number (simplified authorisation procedure, authorisation is applied for with the export declaration).

INF quantity details must be provided in the customs declaration

When the standard authorisation procedure is used, the measurement units mentioned in the authorisation must be provided in the INF application. Please note that the quantity details in the authorisation may differ from the mandatory quantity details required for various commodity codes in the customs declaration. For Customs to be able to enter the correct quantity details in the INF system, the goods quantity and measurement unit must be provided under the goods item data in the export declaration with the additional information code FIXXX. Correspondingly, the INF quantity details (quantity and measurement unit) must also be provided under the goods item data in the import declaration with the additional information code XXX. In addition, the additional information code provided in the import declaration must also contain details on the value of the processed goods item, that is, the combined value of the exported goods, the processing costs and the freight costs for the import and export.

Prior export of equivalent goods under inward processing

The commodity code, quantity and value of the equivalent goods must be provided with the additional information code FIXXX in the goods item data in the export declaration.

Example: Strawberry jam is exported as prior export (customs procedure 11xx 7SE), and an x amount of Union sugar has been used in the production of this jam. This equivalent x amount of Union sugar used in the inward processing gives rise to a right to import non-Union sugar.
One INF number obtained for a prior export can cover several import declarations (customs procedure 5100 7SE), but care should be taken not to exceed the import allowance on non-Union goods or the time limit of six months set for the procedure. 

In special situations contact Customs Business Information

If you want to use a representative for the INF service, or if you cannot be identified, please contact Customs Business Information (yritysneuvonta.lupa-asiakkaat(at) for more details.

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