Customs clearance of a postal parcel after delivery

If an undeclared postal parcel has been delivered to your home address, you must clear the parcel afterwards if 5 euros or more in VAT is to be levied for the parcel.

Clear your parcel primarily in the Import Declaration Service (only available in Finnish and Swedish) by selecting ”Uusi rahtitullaus” (New freight clearance).  

Go to the Import Declaration Service

You must mention that this is a customs clearance that takes place after the delivery (jälkikäteinen tullaus) in the field for additional information (Tapahtuman lisätiedot). It is best to attach the invoice and any other attachments when you make the declaration. Use the code 788 in the field Edeltävä asiakirja (previous document). The document number (the MRN in the AREX declaration or the arrival ID of the postal consignment) of the actual document is used, if it is known. The information marked with an asterisk* in the field Kuljetus- ja sijaintitiedot (transport and location) are entered as follows:

  • Kuljetusmuoto rajalla (Transport mode at border): 5 – Postilähetykset (postal consignments)
  • Sijaintipaikan tyyppi (Goods location type): P – Postinumero (Postal code)
  • Sijainti (location): Enter your postal code
  • Saapumismaa (country of arrival): FI – Suomi

You can still also send Customs a free-form request for customs clearance after delivery.

With the request, please enclose the order confirmation or the invoice – as well as the certificate of origin (scanned), if applicable – and send it primarily by e-mail to the address kirjaamo(at)

or by mail to the address:

Finnish Customs, Applications for a revised import decision
P.O. Box 512
00101 Helsinki

Always provide your personal identity code or your Business ID in the request.

Also provide the following details:

  • date of arrival of the consignment and whether it arrived by post or was delivered by an express carrier
  • country of dispatch and country of origin of the goods
  • for determining the commodity code, a full goods description in Finnish and purpose of use of the goods.

When Customs has processed your request, a customs clearance decision will be sent to the address you provided in your request. Your request will be processed in approximately 1 to 2 months. 


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