Currency conversion rates 2017–2022

Currency conversion rates in January 2020

Customs establishes the following currency conversion rates, which should be used when establishing the customs value of imported goods. These conversion rates must, if nothing else is mentioned, be used on goods that in Finland, during the time period 01.01.2020 - 31.01.2020, is released for free circulation within the customs territory of the Union.

The base currency for the established currency conversion rates below is euro (e.g. 1 EUR = 1.1115 USD).

Currency conversion rates in January 2020 (xls)

Currency Currency code Currency rate
US dollar USD 1.1115
Japanese yen JPY 121.81
UK pound sterling GBP 0.85055
Swedish krona SEK 10.4483
Norwegian krone NOK 10.0353
Danish krone DKK 7.472
Swiss franc CHF 1.0913
Canadian dollar CAD 1.4624
Hong Kong dollar HKD 8.6566
Australian dollar AUD 1.6227
New Zealand dollar NZD 1.692
South African Rand ZAR 15.97
Saudi riyal SAR 4.17
United Arab Emirates dirham AED 3.9998
Singapore dollar SGD 1.5075
Malaysian ringgit MYR 4.5999
Indian rupee INR 78.895
Russian rouble RUB 69.5288
Czech koruna CZK 25.49
Polish zloty PLN 4.2706
Hungarian forint HUF 330.77
Thai baht THB 33.606
Korean won (Republic) KRW 1,296.56
Brazilian real BRL 4.5097
Chinese yuan renminbi CNY 7.7783
Indonesian rupiah IDR 15,558.78
Israeli shekel ILS 3.893
Mexican peso MXN 21.09
Philippine peso PHP 56.271
Turkish lira TRY 6.5732
Moroccan dirham MAD 10.6947
Kuwait dinar KWD 0.3374
Tunisian dinar TND 3.152
Kazakstan tenge KZT 427.6545
Egyptian pound EGP 17.8465
Iranian rial IRR 46,686.57
New Taiwan dollar TWD 33.5115
Serbian dinar RSD 117.49

Points to consider

If the transaction price or the related items are given in a currency other than the euro, the sums must first be converted into euros based on the currency rates confirmed by Customs.

On customs declarations, the value of the goods is declared in the currency stated on the invoice or freight bill. The sums are converted into euros according to the conversion rate confirmed by Customs.

In the case of customs declarations for release for free circulation, the conversion rates applied are those valid on the date when Customs accepts the customs declaration for the goods. For example, if the acceptance date of the customs declaration is in September, the rate Customs has confirmed for September will be applied.

How does Customs determine the currency conversion rates?

The reference rate published by the European Central Bank on the penultimate Wednesday of each month is used for currency conversion to determine the customs value. Customs will responsible for determining the rate if no ECB reference rate is available.

The currency rate will applied for one month from the first day of the following month.

If you need a currency conversion rate that has not been published on the Finnish Customs website, you can request it by contacting the Customs Information Service.