Currency conversion rates 2019, 2018 and 2017

Currency conversion rates in June 2019

Customs establishes the following currency conversion rates, which should be used when establishing the customs value of imported goods. These conversion rates must, if nothing else is mentioned, be used on goods that in Finland, during the time period 01.06.2019 - 30.06.2019, is released for free circulation within the customs territory of the Union.

The base currency for the established currency conversion rates below is euro (e.g. 1 EUR = 1.0943 USD).

Currency conversion rates in June 2019 (xls)

Currency Currency code Currency rate
United States USD 1.0943
Japan JPY 120.74
United Kingdom GBP 0.865
Sweden SEK 10.54
Norway NOK 9.5592
Denmark DKK 7.32
Switzerland CHF 1.1024
Canada CAD 1.4645
Hong Kong HKD 8.5902
Australia AUD 1.5889
New Zealand NZD 1.6823
South Africa ZAR 15.7009
Saudi Arabia SAR 4.1881
United Arab Emirates AED 4.0168
Singapore SGD 1.5085
Malaysia MYR 4.6756
India INR 75.705
Russia RUB 70.1809
Czech Republic CZK 25.269
Poland PLN 4.2161
Hungary HUF 319.83
Thailand THB 34.9495
South Korea KRW 1,303.70
Brazil BRL 4.5163
China CNY 7.7108
Indonesia IDR 16,225.88
Israel ILS 3.9493
Mexico MXN 20.78
Philippine Islands PHP 58.61
Turkey TRY 6.666
Morocco MAD 10.8155
Kuwait KWD 0.3399
Tunisia TND 3.3417
Kazakhstan KZT 422.978
Egypt EGP 18.9122
Iran IRR 46,889.64
Taiwan TWD 35.1371
Serbia RSD 117.97

Points to consider

If the transaction price or the related items are given in a currency other than the euro, the sums must first be converted into euros based on the currency rates confirmed by Customs.

On customs declarations, the value of the goods is declared in the currency stated on the invoice or freight bill. The sums are converted into euros according to the conversion rate confirmed by Customs.

In the case of customs declarations for release for free circulation, the conversion rates applied are those valid on the date when Customs accepts the customs declaration for the goods. For example, if the acceptance date of the customs declaration is in September, the rate Customs has confirmed for September will be applied.

How does Customs determine the currency conversion rates?

The reference rate published by the European Central Bank on the penultimate Wednesday of each month is used for currency conversion to determine the customs value. Customs will responsible for determining the rate if no ECB reference rate is available.

The currency rate will applied for one month from the first day of the following month.

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