Correcting an import declaration

You must correct all the details that Customs has indicated to be incorrect. Any details affected by the incorrect details must also be corrected. At the same time, you can correct any errors you have detected.

How will Customs inform me of errors?

As for message declarations, Customs will send an error message indicating the time limit for making the corrections. You can correct the details in a SAD at a customs office. Customs may also return the SAD with an error notification for correction.

What declaration details can be corrected before the decision on release?

Except for trader details, you can correct all the details in an import declaration after the declaration has been accepted until the decision on release (for a cash customer, the customs clearance decision) has been issued from Customs’ system. Trader details are: declarant, representative (agent), type of representation.

It is not possible to correct the declaration, if Customs has decided to inspect the goods.

Points to consider

Contacts Customs and ask whether you can correct the declaration. Customs checks whether you have been notified of the inspection of the goods or whether the decision on release has already been sent. If it is possible to correct a message declaration, Customs will send an error message after which you can make the corrections. If it is possible to correct a SAD, you can correct the details at a customs office. Customs may also return the SAD to you for correction.

Customs can invalidate an accepted declaration at your request, if you by mistake have provided an incorrect customs procedure or if, due to particular circumstances, it is no longer justified to place the goods under the indicated procedure. You can request invalidation using Customs form 974 (in Finnish).

Send the completed form by email to tulliselvitystuki(at) If the invalidation is justified, the customs clearance will be invalidated, and an invalidation notification will be sent to you.

If Customs has informed you that it is going to inspect the goods, the invalidation request cannot be accepted until after the inspection.

Declaration details that can be corrected in a supplementary declaration before the customs clearance decision:

  • additional reference
  • details concerning value (term of delivery, currency and total price of the item to be cleared, transaction price at goods item level and adjustment items, statistical value)
  • consignee
  • customs treatment
  • location of goods
  • postal address for periodic filings
  • warehouse ID
  • nature of transaction
  • relationship between the buyer and seller
  • tax calculation details

Declaration in message format

If you have corrected details you are not allowed to correct in a declaration in message format, Customs will reject the supplementary declaration and send a decision on rejection. You must correct the details and send a new supplementary declaration to Customs.

SAD form

If you have corrected details you are not allowed to correct in a SAD, you must correct the details and send a corrected supplementary declaration to Customs.

You can apply for revision of a customs clearance decision by sending an application for repayment/remission (Customs form 643s) (in Finnish) or an amendment notification leading to post-clearance recovery (Customs form 99s) (in Finnish) to Customs.

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