Where can I get more information?

Applications for guarantee authorisation                 


  • completing the application

Sending the application as well as changes in authorisations and customer information

Customs Authorisation Centre
Telephone 0295 5200 (exchange), lupakeskus(at)tulli.fi

  • change of the address
  • change of bank account number
  • e-invoice


Telephone 0295 5200 (exchange), luotonhallinta(at)tulli.fi

  • guarantee types
  • guarantee categories
  • reference amount
  • guarantee requirement

Customs does not calculate reference and guarantee amounts before the application for guarantee authorisation has been lodged.

Debt collection and payment arrangements

Telephone 0295 5200 (exchange), perinta(at)tulli.fi

  • debt collection
  • payment arrangements
  • requests for payment

Invoicing and periodic filings

Telephone 0295 52 331 (Choose 1), veroreskontra(at)tulli.fi

  • periodic filing
  • payment transactions