Average prices for import

On this page, we regularly publish the commodity code specific average prices of imported products. The prices allow you to estimate the amount of duties and taxes on imported products of the same type. 

The estimate of duties and taxes can be used, for example,

  • by the holder of a comprehensive guarantee authorisation when monitoring of the reference amount for warehousing
  • by the holder of a comprehensive guarantee authorisation for transit when monitoring the reference amount of the transit guarantee
  • when a trade invoice intended for the EU market is not available. For example, an invoice from China to Russia can’t be used.

Please note the following when reserving a transit guarantee: when the lodging of transit declarations changes, the way in which the guarantee is reserved also changes. In the future, the submitter of the transit declaration must reserve the amount of guarantee in the transit declaration. The average one-time reservation will no longer be used.

The amount to be reserved from the guarantee must correspond to the actual customs duty and tax liabilities. If these are not known, the transit principal can check the average price of similar goods in the table with average prices and calculate the required guarantee based on that. The amounts of customs duties and taxes can also be estimated using the Calculation section of the commodity code service Fintaric.

The holder of the guarantee is responsible for the amount reserved from the guarantee or reference amount. Record the basis for which sum was reserved from the guarantee or reference amount, for a possible control by Customs.

This is how you estimate the duties and taxes

The table below shows the average price information for products imported to Finland in one year.

  1. In the table, find the commodity code (column A: “code” (koodi)) and its average price (column B: “average price” (keskihinta)).
    • If the table doesn’t have the average price of a 6-digit commodity code, you can use the average price of a 4-digit commodity code.
  2. After this, calculate the duties and taxes with the following formula: average price x gross mass x commodity code specific (or higher) duties and taxes = calculated duties and taxes for one goods item.

Commodity code specific prices – tables