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The company can import goods from outside the EU with or without guarantees. 

Guarantees are mandatory for the following procedures:

  • Customs warehousing
  • inward processing
  • outward processing
  • warehousing
  • transit
  • the end-use procedure and
  • temporary admission.

Guarantees are not required for declarations regarding export, arrival and exit (AREX).  

The guarantee is used to pay the debt incurred or which possibly will be incurred under the customs procedure, i.e. the customs debt. Usually, the company itself does not have to provide a guarantee if a representative’s guarantee is used. Read more: A representative for customs transactions  

Guarantee types 

Guarantee types in customs transactions are

If the company engages in regular and financially significant import of goods from outside the EU, it is advisable to apply for a comprehensive guarantee and for certain procedures it is even mandatory. 

The comprehensive guarantee requires authorisation

The comprehensive guarantee can be valid in Finland (national) or throughout the EU. Both the national and the EU-wide guarantee require a comprehensive guarantee authorisation as well as a payment deferment authorisation, which provide the company with a payment period for the customs debt.   Read more about the authorisations for comprehensive guarantee and payment deferment and how to apply