Registered export customer

A registered export customer is a customer of Customs whose name and address have been saved in Customs’ customer register and who has been given an export customer code extension (e.g. T0001). The obligation to register is not influenced by any import or transit customer registrations of the business. Registration is free of charge.

Registration is recommended to all exporters. For exporters with at least five export consignments per year, registration is mandatory.

  • A group consisting of many businesses that operate with their own business IDs cannot register as a single entity. Each subsidiary of the group must register separately regardless of whether they lodge their own export declarations, or if, for example, the parent company lodges the export declarations of all its subsidiaries in a centralised fashion.
  • The business must register all its offices that dispatch export consignments. Each of these offices is issued its own export code extension with which Customs can identify the export consignment.

The business must declare the export customer code extension in its export declarations. The code extension must also be used in export declarations lodged by agents (forwarding agencies).The business must have an EORI number in order to register as export customer.

Application form and completion instructions

You will find the contact information at the bottom of the form.

Customs will confirm the registration by e-mail or by mail. The confirmation contains the export customer code extension that the customer shall use in connection with the business ID in export declarations.

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