Electronic ship supply declaration

The ship supply declaration can be submitted as a message or as an online declaration in the Export Declaration System.

The declaration must include all the mandatory data of a complete export declaration. Furthermore, the following special information is required:

  • Declaration: A, Complete declaration
  • Declaration type:  EX, if the destination country is QS, or CO if the destination country is QR
  • Supplier: exporter/trader
  • The consignee is the vessel in question or the transport operator. This is based on the information on the country in which the vessel is located (country of registration or leasing). A consignment specific consignee cannot be declared.      
  • Country of destination: QR in internal trade (the goods are delivered to an EU vessel) or QS in trade where the goods are exported to a third country (the goods are delivered to a vessel registered in a non-EU country).
  • Gross mass: the total weight can be declared as an estimate (as well as optionally for the consignment).
  • Nature of transaction: 11 (optional, if the procedure code for re-exportation is 3171)
  • Delivery terms location: the code FI (or some other information).
  • Term of delivery: Vessel and aircraft supplies (or alternatively an Incoterms condition).  
  • Declaring online: The nature of the transaction, conditions of delivery or delivery terms location do not have to be mentioned when declaring online – the data is formed automatically.
  • Transport mode at border: 1 Sea transport, 4 Flight, 8 inland waterway vessel, Saimaa canal
  • ID of the active means of transport: ship code (IMO number), aircraft registration number (not the flight ID).
  • Online declaration: The transport data of an inland transport does not have to be entered in an online declaration. The data is formed automatically based on the transport mode at the border data
  • Location: the location where the goods are available for inspection by Customs before release (e.g. a port, warehouse or customs office).
  • Additional statement code: A message declarant enters the code FIXFI Vessel and aircraft supplies (export). When declaring online the additional statement code FIXFI is formed automatically.
  • TARIC code: The Taric code is entered for three product groups:
    • 9930 24 00 goods from CN chapters 1 to 24 (foodstuffs, alcohol, tobacco)
    • 9930 27 00 goods from CN chapter 27 (fuels)
    • 9930 99 00 goods classified elsewhere (other goods, mainly related to furnishing)
  • Consignment description: a worded description of the consignment must be declared, so that the goods can be easily itemised.
  • Procedure EU: customs procedure code 1000, 1040 or 3171
  • National procedure: code 999
  • Net mass: the real net mass is only mandatory for Taric code 9930 27 00. In other cases; 0.001 kilograms or the real net mass is declared.
  • Online declaration: The national procedure does not have to be entered in an online declaration.

Goods subject to restrictions

The supplier must make sure that the export restrictions, prohibitions and conditions of the export authorisation are followed. Restricted goods included in the ship supplies must be declared as separate consignment data (one of the three Taric codes). Furthermore, the number and date of the export authorisation is declared. The export licence, which is a prerequisite for release, must be presented to Customs in order for them to check the licence conditions.

Release for the export procedure and loading permission

A ship supply declaration approved by Customs is a permit to load the goods on board the vessel.  

The declarant receives a decision on release of the ship supplies as well as an export accompanying document (EAD), which is delivered with the goods to the ship. A consignment note or loading list can be enclosed.

The fallback procedure or authorisation for an exceptional procedure

If there is a disruption in Customs' or the customer's system and no electronic ship supply declaration can be submitted, then the instructions regarding the export fallback procedure is followed.

Permission to deviate from the above mentioned instructions in exceptional circumstances is given by alustoimitukset(at)tulli.fi (during office hours 8 am to 4.15 pm.) and johtokeskus(at)tulli.fi (outside office hours).