Delivering undeclared goods to ships and aircraft

Goods arriving to a ship under a transit procedure

Goods arriving under a transit procedure can be delivered to a ship, if an unloading permit has first been requested for them from a customs office with customer service. Alternatively, the unloading permit can be requested by email from Customs’ Electronic Service Centre. The unloading request shall indicate the ship onto which the goods are going to be unloaded and where the ship is located.

Customs discharges the transit upon the presentation of the unloading result.

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Goods delivered from a customs warehouse to a ship

Goods can be moved from a customs warehouse under the customs warehousing procedure regardless of the location of the ship. The movement is carried out using a re-export declaration or a consignment note in accordance with the authorisation for simplified ship supply procedure.

Transit must be used, however, if meat of non-Union origin (so-called directive meat) is moved from a customs warehouse to a ship located at another port. However, if the customs warehouse is located at the same port or airport as the ship or aircraft where the meat is to be delivered, or in its immediate vicinity, transit does not need to be used. In that case, the re-export declaration is used.

Goods delivered from a temporary storage facility to a ship

Goods in a temporary storage facility can be moved to a ship in the same location with a loading permit from Customs. If the ship is at another port, the goods have to be transited.



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