Approved exporter

An approved exporter is authorised to make out invoice declarations and origin declarations regardless of the value of the originating products in an export consignment, and to personally endorse A.TR. movement certificates. The authorisation for an approved exporter is granted, upon application, by the Customs Authorisation Centre.

The approved exporter is issued an authorisation number that starts with FI. The exporter shall include the number of the authorisation in the standard invoice declarations and origin declarations they draw up. The templates used for invoice declarations and origin declarations by the approved exporter are the same as the templates used by other exporters.

The exporter doesn’t need to sign approved exporter’s declarations, because the exporter has already, when applying for the authorisation, committed to answering for these declarations in accordance with the Finnish authorisation procedure. However, the name of the responsible person at the company should be provided in connection with or in the vicinity of the declaration.

The customs authorities supervise the use of the approved exporter’s authorisation. The authorisation can be revoked if the exporter doesn’t meet the conditions of the authorisation or misuses the authorisation.

Endorsing the A.TR. certificate personally

The authorisation decision for the approved exporter also includes the right to personally endorse A.TR. certificates with a company-specific special stamp, when exporting customs union products to Turkey

Basic prerequisites for granting an authorisation

The exporter frequently exports goods to contracting countries within the EU or to Turkey or even just occasionally to South Korea.

The exporter gives the customs authorities the necessary guarantees for proving the originating status of the goods.

To endorse the A.TR. certificates when exporting customs union goods to Turkey, the exporter must guarantee that the customs status of the goods (i.e. that the goods are in free circulation), can be proven and checked.

Approved exporter authorisation is applied for online in the Authorisation Service via the main page for Customs’ online services. identification and authorisations are used in the service. Read more about identification and authorisations.